About the Firm

Flourish Counsel was founded in 2014 to provide exceptional legal services for the new generation of entrepreneurs. The world has changed and you need legal counsel who understands the world in which you work and live and can tailor your legal services accordingly. This means you’ll be charged a flat fee for services rather than by the hour. This means you’ll have a trusted advisor who speaks using plain English and not legalese. And this means that this is a safe and judgment-free place for you to share your business ideas and issues no matter how common or quirky.

Entrepreneurs come in all forms. Flourish Counsel works with both solo entrepreneurs and businesses with multiple owners. Whether you’re a creative person who is ready to turn her art or hobby into a business or someone who is teaming up with several colleagues to start a more traditional business, there’s something here for you.

Our generation is full of smart, talented, and skilled people who will found and run amazing businesses. However, being smart, talented, and skilled isn’t enough. Businesses are governed by a set of laws and to be successful, you need to operate within those laws. Flourish Counsel will help you do that.  Get started today.

Serious Bio PhotoAbout the Founder – Lisa R. Carter

Prior to founding Flourish Counsel, Lisa worked as a commercial litigator defending corporations in a wide variety of lawsuits including breach of contract, employment, products liability, real estate, and intellectual property disputes.  Lisa represented clients of all sizes ranging from large household name companies to small and mid-size businesses in state and federal court.

Prior to working in commercial litigation, Lisa clerked at the Federal Trade Commission where she evaluated mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. She also worked on consumer protection issues in areas such as price gouging in the oil and gas industry,  anti-spam laws related to email, and laws governing credit repair organizations.

Lisa enjoys helping businesses thrive and implementing solutions to help them mitigate risk and liability.  Over the years, Lisa has worked with a diverse assortment of businesses spanning numerous industries and has developed a knack for helping business owners navigate the legal terrain with ease.

Lisa holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan and a J.D. from the George Washington University Law School.  She is a Co-Founder and the Vice President of ACTS Alliance Not-for-Profit, an organization that raises scholarship funds for service-oriented students at the University of Michigan.  Lisa is also the Volunteer Coordinator for the AFS-USA Greater Chicago Area Team and serves as a liaison for AFS foreign exchange students in the Chicago area.

2008, Illinois
2011, US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois

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