1.  What’s the advantage of using a lawyer rather than using online forms and filling in my information?

A lay person filling out an online form for her legal needs is much like getting a recipe for baking a cake that only includes the ingredients but no measurements.  Creating a legal document requires expertise regarding how facts and law work together and lawyers take into account the long and short term effects of the agreements, how the courts have treated similarly situated parties, and how the client’s goals fit into that puzzle.  Just like in the cake scenario, sure the batter all looks the same when you mix it together, but when it hits the heat, will you have a masterpiece to be proud of or a blob leaking all over your oven?

2.  What is your fee structure?

Flourish Counsel charges flat fees for all business formation services.  Most lawyers charge by the hour and they have their reasons.  The goal at Flourish Counsel is to make entrepreneurship easier for you, not harder.  I know you’re working on a tight budget and knowing how much your legal services will cost helps you better plan for your needs.  Not only that, I’m constantly improving my own processes so I can provide you with maximum value at predictable prices.

On rare occasions clients may have a need that is better suited for an hourly rate.  This is rare, but Flourish Counsel will always aim to give you predictability of cost.

3.  All the forms for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office are online along with instructional videos.  Can’t I just file my trademark application myself?

The USPTO has done a fabulous job of providing user friendly guidance on their website.  Check out their videos here .   As good as those 10 minute videos are, they are no substitute for the numerous hours a trademark attorney has spent reading statutes, cases, and performing other legal research to understand the relevant body of trademark law that governs what can be registered and exactly how. (Note:  All marks are not eligible for registration.)

You should also know that if you file your trademark application incorrectly, the USPTO will not refund your application fee and you’ll have to pay the fee  again if you want another bite at the apple.

4.  Are you going to tell me all the things I can’t do?  Last time I worked with a lawyer, I felt like I was in the principal’s office.

The goal at Flourish Counsel is to see your business grow and flourish. I find no joy in telling people about the things they can’t do.  In fact, I get quite the rush when coming up with creative solutions to legal problems.  So to the extent I must tell you that you can’t do something, we’ll work together to come up with a creative solution to help you move toward your goal.

5.  I filed everything myself initially and now I realize that it’s all messed up.  I want to hire a lawyer, but I don’t want to feel judged. (I know… that’s not a question)

Flourish Counsel is a safe place where risk takers and thought leaders can come and be at home.  If every person did everything right all the time, we’d never learn anything, right?  I love that you had the courage to take the leap in the first place so I’m here to help you get back on the right track.  No judgment.  Not ever.

6.  Do you offer any discounts on your services?

To say thank you for the commitment and dedication of our nation’s service members and their families, Flourish Counsel offers discounts on all services to veterans and military spouses.