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green·HAUS Program
[green-hous proh-gram] noun
A program used for cultivating new businesses under controlled conditions so they can develop a strong foundation with guidance from an experienced attorney.

Honoring, Advancing, & Uplifting Small Business

You’re smart and good at what you do, but you’re not a lawyer.  And you don’t know where to start with building a strong legal foundation for your business.  The greenHAUS Program allows you to form and grow at your own pace with guidance from Flourish Counsel.

You need a plan.  At the outset, you’ll receive a legal analysis showing whether and how you should incorporate and other legal considerations tailored to your specific business.  That way you’ll know how to plan for what you’ll need.

This program covers what you need to establish a strong legal foundation.  The program is divided into six phases below, which encompass the needs of most small businesses.  Your business could be different and maybe you’ll get to skip a phase.

You’ll have a partner to walk with you every step of the way.  This way, you can be confident that your business is built on a strong legal foundation.  Get started today.

Phase 1: Select & Form Your Business Entity

  • Analysis of best entity
  • File documents to form LLC, Corp., etc.
  • File form for S Corp. election

Phase 2: Founder Relationships & Agreements

  • Prepare one of the following:
    • Operating agreement (LLC)
    • Shareholder’s agreement & bylaws (Corp)
    • Partnership agreement (LP, LLP)

Phase 3:  Protect Yourself & Your Business

  • Consultation on maintaining liability shield
  • Review status of independent contractors
  • Review crowdfunding campaign

Phase 4: Protect Your Brand

  • Search mark for protectability
  • File trademark application
  • Respond to one USPTO office action

Phase 5:  Website Review

  • Review website for legal issues
  • Prepare privacy policy and/or terms of use

Phase 6: Customized Contract

  • Customized contract may include:
    • Template for use with clients or vendors
    • Template for use with employees
    • Consulting agreements for independent contractors
    • Vendor agreements
    • Distributor agreements
    • Non-disclosure/non-compete agreements

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