As your business grows and changes, your legal needs also grow and change.  As such, you should do periodic legal checkups to make sure that the legal structures in place still serve your needs.  Personnel changes, ownership changes, revenue growth, research and development are just a few things that could significantly change your legal needs.  Think of it this way.  You go to the doctor every year to make sure your blood pressure, cholesterol, and other numbers are okay.  And your doctor looks you over, discusses any recent changes, and lets you know of any health concerns and how to handle them.  You should also do a yearly check on the legal health of your business.  And I promise it will be a lot more pleasant than that yearly trip to the doctor.

I’ll come spend a half day at your office.  I’ll review your owner’s agreements and policy manuals to make sure they’re still relevant.  I’ll go over anything that has changed within the last year and review your short and long-term plans to make sure you’re prepared for the road ahead.  I’ll provide you with a report of how you’re doing and things you need to consider.  Get started today.

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